Sonoma County Marijuana

Shipped Orders

To place an order we need:
A Mailing Address
A Name (if possible not yours for legal deniability, or ask us to make one up!)
An Order (Contact us for pricing on bulk orders)
A Payment (+$15 for shipping)

Please email or text us with any questions or to inquire on bulk pricing.


Payment Methods

We accept Google Pay (Below $1000), Walmart to Walmart, MoneyGram, and mailed Money Orders or Cash.


Shipping, Carriers, and Tracking

We use the mail carrier of our choice.  Typically USPS but that can change without notice.  All orders with payments received by 2pm PST Monday-Thursday will be shipped same day with tracking.  Otherwise, the following business day.  We obtain tracking information for all shipments.  We can check tracking and give an update at any time.  If you desire to check yourself we advise using a prepaid phone or public internet (library, school, etc) for legal deniability.